8 Things You Didn’t Know About Fifty Shades of Grey

This book made waves overseas. The movie is all Nigerians were interested in since Nigerians don’t really like reading. Apart from the captivating story and romantic lines, we all fell in love with dreamy actors Christian and Ana who put up a hundred percent performance of love in its biggest and most erotic form. Loved this book? Or the movie?

Here’s eight things you didn’t know about this book/movie:

  1. The author E. L. James wrote this book during her “mid life crisis”. She said it contains all her fantasies. Probably why there’s a lot of steamy scenes.
  2. Fifty shades of grey is the first in its trilogy. The second and third book are ‘Fifty shades darker’ and Fifty shades freed.’
  3. The author released a fourth book written from the perspective of the hero, titled ‘Grey: Fifty shades of grey as told by Christian’.
  4. These books earned her 95 million dollars, making her one of Forbes top highest earning authors.
  5. The movies ‘Fifty shades of grey’ earned over 569 million dollars worldwide, making it the sixth highest grossing film in 2015.
  6. Despite its success, the book and movie has received terrible, terrible and terrible reviews worldwide.
  7. A pornographic film company announced its intent to film a pornographic version of the book in 2012. (the movie itself can be said to be one if you know what I mean).
  8. The Second movie, Fifty Shades Darker is set to be released February 9, 2017. (Very soon, fellow fifty lovers.)

Ransom by Julie Garwood

The day i bought this book,  i didn’t know i was entering into sn initiation into the world of Julie Garwood. It seemed like an okay book at the time and frankly, i just needed something to read, anything at all. I think i was experiencing a novel drought, you know when you don’t have any new books and all your novels friends seem to be in the same boat. So i snuck out of school after classes, got the book and went back to the dorm. And it began, a book so captivating that you literally can’t put it down until you finish it. I think i became obsessed. I laid down on my bed all evening and deep iunto the night till i finished the book. Then i regretted why i rushed such a masterpiece. I should have savoured it, taken my time to enjoy it.

This is the love story of a girl seeking to claim nack her inheritance and revenge for her father’s death but unexpectedly, finds love in the arms of a warrior. The journey is long and perilous but you can’t help but fall in love with these two.

Really, this is a must read and a good initiation book for the novel shy.

On Writing by Stephen King

I first came across this book when I saw a friend with it. He wasn’t a book addict like me so I was kinda surprised. As usual, I took the book to peruse a few pages and found myself reading page after page. I knew I couldn’t go home without that book. He lent me the book and I entered a whole new world.

Stephen King not only writes his autobiography like a king, he starts to tackle the problem of writing for new and aspiring authors.

His honesty and refreshing style leaves you laughing and feeling like he’s a close friend talking to you personally. He handles each topic thoroughly with examples and helpful advice, leaving no secret out. Truly, he’s the king.

Not only is this book an essential for new and aspiring authors, it’s also an entertaining read even for those not interested in writing.

Dreams of Stardust by Lynn Kurland

Dreams of Stardust begins with our hero Jake Kilchurn who time travels to meet the love of his life, Amanda, who like all favorite heroines, is a great beauty with a strong will. Protected and loved by so many brothers, Jake fights for the love of his life, figuratively and literally.

The author made the hero Jake, so approachable, perfect without being aloof, strong without being infallible, and flawed in a lovable way.

The heroine, Amanda is beautiful, strong willed, good natured without being bitter-sweet and knows what she wants.

These two world’s collide and Jake leaves the comfort of the modern world to be with the love of his life.

Lynn Kurland is one of the ‘greats’. Her novels have just that touch of addiction that novel freaks crave. The other author similar to her is Julie Garwood.

It’s not everyday you get to read a classic book, one with all the quirks that make books great. It’s a historical, great romance that takes place over time, strong willed men that never get defeated except by the ladies they love, head-strong ladies who tame these men, great storytelling with none of that ‘long unecessary prose’.

When I first read the book, I was amazed at how well I flowed with each sentence and chapter. I was connected to each character, felt their pain, cried and laughed with them and wished them success. It’s a book for the romantic and fearless at heart. just take a long glass of cold orange juice, some popcorn and prepare to be entertained.