A BookLovers’ Worst Nightmare is…

Falling into an endless, dark and terrifying tunnel…

Walking on a rope attached to a tower…

Unable to breathe properly, short gasps for air…

Heart racing wildly…

Eyes madly searching for…

Nail Biting, sitting in the dark, afraid…..


Worst Nightmare Scenario: I always make sure i never run out of books to read. Suddenly, i slip up and i find out, i just read my LAST book.

Another Nightmare Scenario: I have read all the books of my favourite authors. I discover a new author and i spend weeks glorying in their books. And then i finish their very last book. Do you know how hard it is to find good authors?

Yet Another Scenario: I am in the middle of a good story and…i find out the next series is not yet out. WHAT?!!!

Even More Scenarios: I have read all the books in my favourite Book Store and i have to stare reality in the face.

Who can relate to any of these scenarios?

I remember when i discovered Susan Elizabeth Phillips ebooks. I was extremely happy and occupied for weeks…until i read the last one. It took me like a week to search for another author.

But i learned, that there are always good available authors out there. You just have to find them. That was how i discovered Meg Cabot.

In my next post, i will tell you a trick i use to discover more awesome authors out there.


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