The Art of Storytelling: Your Voice

Just as we recognise our famous singers by their voices, so we recognise a writer by their style.

Your style is unique to you and you alone, like your voice and your fingerprints. No one else can write like you cos no one else is you. Simple as that.

In the world of fledgling writing, some try to copy the great writers they read and admire. I did that once. What i got out of it was a great idea written in a very un-original form that i got lost and stopped in the end. If i don’t like my book, who will?

Just the way we read movies and we are lost in them, they make us cry, laugh and fall in love, so also do your readers/viewers want to connect with your story in that basic way.

The first thing we must do is to look at our very favourite books/movies and try to point out those things we love about them. That will keep us in perspective and make us put those elements into our own work.

Now don’t get it twisted. To be the best, you have to study the best, imitate them as much as you can while keeping your work as true to yourself as possible. As time goes by, your voice begins to get distilled and unique and you will find yourself writing the very essence of you without the need to copy anybody’s style.

Your voice/style may be a perfect blend of all your favourite authors/movies but in the end, it is you and you alone that created it.

Try new styles. as different from you as possible. Only then will you find the style/voice that fits perfectly.

See you on the other side.


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