Are You A Writer?

Why do our lips shake when we want to tell people “I am a writer.”

Why is it so difficult to say?

Let me tell you.

Successful writers who make a good living only on writing are hard to come by. Yes. When your books are not on the Best Seller lists and your name is still a tiny obscure glitch in the world of writing, its not easy to call yourself one.


There’s good news but first, answer these questions.

Do you have an extremely vivid imagination?

Are you forever lost in books and movies?

Do you always analyse and critic the books and movies you watch?

Do you have a burning desire to pen down these amazing stories in your head?

Are you already doing it?

Do you plan to continue even though its not selling well right now?

If your answers are yes, then good news is that you are a writer.

Now, contrary to popular belief that learning writing kills creativity, learning writing only helps to sharpen and focus your skill, distill the bad areas and hone in your crazy talent in the best possible light.

Let me tell you about myself.

I am Glory Abah.

That’s it.

What else were you expecting?

Oh. I am also the biggest consumer of books and movies. Watching a movie with me can be pretty annoying because i am always analysing the plot, telling you why they put a particular character in the movie and predicting the end.

Reading a book with me is kinda annoying because one of my superpower is FAST READING. Yup.

And of course, selecting the best books from the good and mediocre. How? I recognise the voice of each and every author i read and i know what makes them work.

I am a lot of things that would take years to explain so let’s take it bit by bit.

I am also a writer and in my years of writing, i have discovered one very important and yet, mysterious truth?

Wanna find out?

Join me tomorrow.

But for today, proudly beat yourself on the chest and declare “I AM A WRITER”


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