The Art of Storytelling; Books/Movies

The best book ideas ALWAYS have an element of truth in them.

The most asked questions to our world best selling authors have always and will always be “Where do you get inspiration?”

This is because we wonder how they made up that epic stunning story that captivated us and pulled us into a world we didn’t want to come out of. A perfect example is Marvel’s Avengers.

The most unique thing writers do is not just the telepathy thing, its going into our minds, pulling out our deepest desires/fantasies and putting it down in paper/screen in a way that always leaves us stunned.

How do they know exactly what i want to read or watch? Why is that story perfect?

Why can’t i put that book down? Why is that movie the best so far?

Many authors/screenwriters have so stunned the world with their imagination and creativity.

Its not just the birth of their ideas. Its also the hardwork of putting it down in paper precisely. Its also the work of doing substantial research that makes the work believable, rich and full. Its also the work of getting their stories heard.

Your ideas may be the next to change the world, like Harry Potter did to us. But its not just about having the great idea. Are you willing to learn how to put that idea down in the creative manner that would get it published or produced, that would connect with the readers/viewers out there and leave a ripple effect?

Penning down our imaginations/fantasies have always remained the most important part of our work. Its not the idea. Its HOW the story is told. Copying another writers style only leaves the work dry and drab. Patterning it to just what you know leaves it stale and seen-before.

How do you pen down that great idea of yours that would make the world love it?

Glory Abah is here to help out. We will talk about this.


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