Fighting Couples: Are They Really in Love?

Is it really love when a couple can’t go a day without fighting?

Maybe not the physical fight but all those verbal arguments and disagreements that keep creeping up day after day, hour after hour. The amazing thing is they always make up after a fight because they ‘can’t live without each other’. That is why they say ‘love is never enough’.

It’s really a bad sign when a couple can’t agree on what to eat, or how to keep the toothpaste after brushing or who should do the dishes.

On the bright side, couples who fight a lot are said to have a passionate and intense love that burns and consumes everything in its path, including themselves. That is why they are always jealous and possessive. And that is why their love is the force driving them apart.

What causes these quarrels, arguments and disagreements?

Habit, attitude or just plain old stubbornness? Dis-satisfaction, thoughtlessness or insensitivity?

Well, when you love somebody, everything tends to blow beyond proportions. What you would normally ignore suddenly becomes a big deal.

But let me tell you that those arguments stem from something inside. A disgruntled, straying or hurt heart, bad attitude or just insensitivity.

Someone who is secretly wishing to be with another person will always find faults in the slightest things. A straying heart sees with only one perspective, and hurts blindly.

Someone who is secretly hurting can never be peaceful especially with the one who caused the pain. He may have caught you cheating, seen a stupid text from a so-called friend but he hasn’t said anything to you. Maybe he hopes that you will stop or you will come clean and tell him about it. So while he waits, his anger keeps increasing and the arguments escalates. Hateful words are exchanged and you’re wondering why he’s always picking a fight.

Sometimes thoughtlessness and insensitivity are a major cause of these arguments and disagreements.

Sometimes, out of habit. When two bad-mouthed people stay together. Each wants to have the last word. They just can’t seem to end it unless they have the last word. This is the selfishness that destroys the relationship. You just can’t keep quiet or apologise for the sake of peace.

Once, an old man said he lived with his wife for many many years before her death and they never had an argument. The secret was that whenever he was spoiling for a fight, she kept quiet. Whenever she was ready for a fight, he kept quiet. What more do you need to know?

Yes, the couple that always seem to be fighting may truly be in love with each other. the problem is, they might break up any time soon.





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