Choosing the Right Lippie

There are a lot of articles about lipsticks and the right colours etc. A lot of them ring true but there are errors. Your lips are very unique, uniquely yours. It may be dry, full or thin, moist etc, but there’s always a right shade for that lip of yours.

  1. Before applying Lippie, spend at least two minutes lightly biting and chewing your lip. This makes the cracks disappear and the lips appear softer and fuller. (kissable).
  1. Highlighting or accentuating the lip with foundation or concealer may be all the rage but if not properly applied, your lips just look like they are missing a line, like you don’t know where the lips start and where the skin stops, and not in a good way.

Keep practicing till you get it right before going out in public.

How To: With a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, draw a very thin line just at the lip line, dab a little bronzer to make it sparkle.

  1. Use a lip primer to get the rich colour of the Lippie. If you don’t have that, you can apply foundation all over the lip. This will even the colour of the lips and make the lipstick colour to stick out the more

Or you can first off apply a colourless lip balm, just a little on your lip especially if your about to use a matte lip gloss. This will keep the lip moist and prevent dry cracks.

  1. Try, try again! I know, it’s a lot of work. That’s why we have testers. Before buying a Lippie, go to a cosmetic gallery and make ample use of the testers. Go with a candid friend who’ll tell you the truth. For dark skinned people, dark shades of red and purple or brown usually gives a sophisticated look. Bright pink brightens and softens the face, making you look younger and innocent. Olive skinned people don’t usually look good on excessively bright colours like bright purple. Dark colours, all shades of pink usually look good. Avoid reds except matte red. Matte looks good on everybody.

For light-skinned girls, all shades of pink and red suits, especially the dark colours. But avoid rusty reds, that is orange. It usually makes the skin look washed out and drained, like  bleeded meat.

  1. Mix and Blend.

Sometimes to get that particular colour you want may involve mixing up as much as three different Lippie.

To get soft pink, red and nude can be mixed. Lining the lip is all the rage these days. You can use black lip liner to line the lip lightly and fade it. Then apply the Lippie(s) you want.

For the final touch, dab the lightest Lippie just on the inside of the lip. This makes the lip appear softer from the inside.


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