The First Kiss: How to Get it Right

The first kiss should be intimate, romantic, and unforgettable. It should leave her breathless and dreamy.

You’ve gone on a few dates, you like her and now it’s time to make a move.

Stop right there. That one move that you’re approaching so casually may ruin everything if not handled properly. If you get it just right, things may work out well.

Here’s How to Get it Right

Pick a Good Spot

Don’t try to kiss her in front of her gate, when she’s worried and tensed that anybody including her dad and mum might come out any moment. Don’t try to kiss her in a public and busy place. That leaves out the romance part and you would just be embarrassing her if she’s the shy type.


Beware of Smells

This is probably the most important part. There are three smells you should be wary of. The smell coming from your armpits, nose, and mouth. If you can take care of these, you’ve solved eighty percent of the problem.

Wash well and use a nice perfume on your armpits, your neck, behind your ears and your collarbone. Of course, use something masculine, something that’ll always remind her of you.

Clean your nose. Use a wet cotton bud and clean up everything in your nose. I know you’re used to using your hands but try something new.

Keep a mint available and just before you lean in for that kiss, pop a mint into your mouth. Keep the mint readily available in your pocket.


Be Romantic

Let the lights be dim, not harsh and bright. Let soft romantic music be playing. Whenever she hears that song, she’ll always remember you. Pick a place that has all of these. It could be a movie theatre, a dark spot in a party hall or a car. Dont try to kiss her when she’s talking or using her phone. Be talking talking to her, then pause and lean in.


Take it Slow

Calm down bro! Dont just rush in there like an electric eel, do a sloppy job and come out feeling good. You should take your time. Don’t rush things. Be confident as you lean in. Girls like confidence. Lean in slowly and gently, let it linger.Then when your lips are almost touching, pause for a few seconds before digging in.


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