Any Lady That Disagrees With Papa Adeboye is Lazy: Spiritually and Physically

There has been a lot of controversy since Papa Adeboye waarned his church guys to not marry girls that can’t cook and pray for one hour.

I decided to do my research. I went online and read the arguments. Some supported him, others vehemently disagreed with him.

And I began to wonder why nobody is talking about the second part of his speech when he told the ladies not to marry jobless men. Why is nobody arguing about that one?

So everybody knows and believes that a man must be able to provide for his family but they don’t know that a woman must be able to prepare meals for her husband and children?

Isn’t that hypocrisy?

Now, a lot of people will say women also earn incomes these days.

My reply to that is this: Since women have also become income earners, have they also given the task of child bearing over to the men?

I said women who disagree with Papa are lazy for a reason. Yes, I know some ladies can’t cook but I also know that they can learn. The problem is that they are not willing to learn. It’s the laziness thing again.

There are so many online cooking tutorials but do you love your family enough to actually try?

Some persons argued some ladies have cooks to prepare meals for them. I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as you can afford it. Even though I believe their husband would really appreciate if they can prepare a meal themselves every once in a while.

As for praying for one hour, some persons argued that it’s better to pray meaningful prayers for a short time than spend hours praying without any impact. I quite agree.

But then I started to wonder. Just how many minutes will it take them to pray for their husband’s safety, health, business or job, children’s progress, joy and happiness in the home, etc?

How long will it take them to pray so their husband is protected from home-breaking jezebels?

How many prayer points can they pray in five minutes?

Even if they can’t pray for an hour yet, they can start small and develop into something better. In the long run, all Papa warned about was those lazy girls who see these home-building attributes as burdensome, tiring and unthinkable. The ‘wise’ ones will hide behind feminism.

Let’s not forget that Papa Adeboye was speaking to his church members, born again ladies and guys. He wasn’t talking to girls whose only concern was in being dope, hip and trendy. He wasn’t talking to girls who only cared about instagram and snapchat followers. He definitely wasn’t talking to guys who only cared about dope girls.

He was speaking to members of his church, people he had been grooming for a while now.

All the dope guys and chicks shouldn’t concern themselves about what Papa Adeboye is saying, even if they are born again Christians. Like papa rightly said, his message was not for everybody.

As for those people using abusive words on the man of God and calling him names, they should know that the fourty boys who mocked Elisha and called him “bald head” thought they were just having fun. Until the bears came and devoured them.

At least, they don’t have the excuse of not knowing that he’s a man of God.


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