How to Know He/She is Dirty?

So many beautiful girls and handsome guys out there, looking all spiffy and clean. What you don’t know is that underneath that well ironed trouser might be tattered and dirty boxers. Underneath all her expensive hair and poise might be dirty bras and dandruff. Packaging is what it is, packaging. How can you tell what’s beneath the package?

That fine boy maybe the owner and user of the towel that once was white but now is black. The pretty girl’s room may be a tsunami of clothes,bras and shoes. So how can you tell what’s underneath all that packaging?


Check the Nails, Toe Nails and leg in particular

This is mostly applicable to guys. Most girls do the whole manicure, pedicure thing. Shoes cover up. That’s why we’re so fond of them. They protect you from the harsh and dangerous ground. They also protect you from stares and over cleanliness. So who cares how the feet look, after all nobody will see them through your shoes.

Check the back of the leg. If they are so hard and brittle that they have cracks, mbok beware oh.



Nobody pays particular attention to this part of the body and for good reason. It’s way up there, hidden underneath her weave and his cute hair cut. Who has the time to look into the ears? Nobody. So one day, while he/she is sitting next to you, just take a quick sneak peek into the ears. You might see the ear wax standing and waving just at the entrance of the ear. My dear, how many cotton buds will solve that equation?


Condition of Boxers/Panties

I don’t normally recommend impromptu visits. That’s how many girls lost their boyfriends and guys lost their girlfriends. But to be certain of what you’re walking into, you may have to take the risk. Just wait for a day he/she tells you that they are washing. Towards evening, pay them a visit and make sure you look at he clothes hanging outside. You can then see the holes and browned armpits in his singlets. You can see the old scratchy boxers he still wears. You may catch a glimpse of her underwears in bad condition. You know if you have cold feet, nobody blames you then.

And ladies, don’t get all self righteous, saying it’s your job to make him clean, to wash for him and all that. If he can’t take care of himself, how can he take care of you? If she can’t look after herself, how will she cater for you and your kids?


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