How Long Can You Stay Without Garri (eba, loi-loi, pounded yam)

I’m a lady, I do my make-up, dress up real good and appear all trendy. But know this for a fact, I love garri. Man, I love garri. Eating garri and soup hits all the right spots. I remember once I didn’t eat garri for three days cos sometimes, I just don’t like to eat.

So my body began to feel light and my eyes began rotating. Any heavy wind would have lifted me up and carried me to Jamaica. The remedy: Garri and soup.

I know some girls and guys who saay they don’t eat garri. Some say they can do without garri for weeks, months even. Me, I say they’re lying.

In my mind, I can’t comprehend it. This is our staple food, what we’re known for. It’s the food we produce at our backyard in the village.

Growing up, I used to peel cassava and fry garri, as much as I could stand the smoke. I remember frying the last batch of garri till it becomes golden brown. Then my siblings and i would add sugar to it and then enjoy our own special snack.

Forgive me if I say anybody that says they don’t eat garri is lying.

I am not a kpako girl. I know how to eat the pizzas, and Chinese rice and all but I also love my garri.

Let’s be honest guys. My limit is three days. That’s how long I can stay without eating garri and soup. What’s yours?


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