Criminal Minds: Aaron Hotchner Leaves The Show

Thomas Gibson who plays Aaron Hotchner in the show Criminal Minds has been kicked off the show after a two week suspension for kicking a writer during an episode production.

Aaron Hotchner has been the dreamy, cute but serious detective that has thrilled the heart of numerous fans including me.  How can I continue to watch Criminal Minds without his face in it? How will fans react to this when me am here panicking?

What is it with Hollywood stars getting kicked off set for abuses? Years ago, Isaiah Washington who played a doctor in the hit show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was fired for homophobic attacks. Then they stopped producing Kyle XY. After that, Game of Thrones almost gave us heart attack when they killed John Snow. Thank their stars he was brought back to life. Now it’s Thomas Gibson.

While I applaud Hollywood for taking a stand against hot-headed arrogant stars, I’m also pleading with my favorite stars to avoid getting kicked off shows that I love.



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