Chronicles of the Witches II

The cave was dark, full of cobwebs and bats. The only light came from the smouldering fire with a large pot placed atop. Black thick liquid bubbled to and fro inside the pot. Various screeches and screams came from the pot. Occasionally, spiders and cockroaches would flitter and skiiter all around the pot without getting scalded.

The three witches sat, old and tattered with their wrinkled skin that looked as ancient as dust, few old grey hair strands on their hair. Their sagging breasts were exceptionally long. They sat and snickered, exchanging tales. This is their chronicle.


A beautiful woman went with her daughter to her tailor’s shop to get a dress made. The tailor’s shop was located in a plaza on the highway. As she sat and talked to the tailor, suddenly, her little daughter screamed and jumped into her mother’s arms, her nails digging into her mother’s flesh.

Surprised, the woman held her daughter close and kept questioning her. The little girl couldn’t reply. She kept looking at the roof and burying her face in her mother’s arms like she could see something sinister and hideous on the roof of the building. Being wise and Christian, the mother understood that something was amiss and immediately took her daughter home.

Years later, the plaza was being destroyed to erect another huge outlet and while the foundation was been destroyed, a calabash was found buried underneath the foundation. Inside the calabash was found a piece of cloth and a live chick, pecking away.

How does a chick stay alive for years underneath a building without dying or growing?

Still don’t believe that witches exist?



In a secondary school boarding house, a girl had a misunderstanding with a fellow student. After the conflicts and fights, the girl went away, thinking that was the end of the issue. That night in her dreams, she saw the other girl spoiling for a fight. Unwilling to be beaten, the girl engaged the other girl in a fight that lasted hours. Teeth and nail were used during the fight. At last, the girl woke up and went about her normal duties. She noticed that the other students kept giving her stares. She didn’t understand it until she went to take a bath. Scratches, teeth marks and nail marks covered her entire body. Underneath her nails she could see brown liquid that resembled blood. The shocker was when she discovered that the other girl was also covered in marks. Coincidence? I think not.



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