6 Annoying Boyfriend Habits

For the ones that dont know, these are the things you do that annoy her.

Texting while talking

You dare not be texting or looking at your phone while she’s busy telling you about this all important gist that doesn’t concern either of you in any way.

Inability to read her mind

How could you not read her mind and know exactly what she wants you to do and say? If you say you love her, you should be able to look at her and know exactly what she’s thinking na.


Baby, she was made to sleep well to the sounds of the calm breeze blowing across the ocean. Please, stop your trailer park noise at night. She’s had enough.

Farting while Sleeping

This is the absolute worst. I mean not only are you releasing poisonous gas that could do real damage to her nose, you dare pretend to be sleeping while doing it?

Flushing HalfWay

What is wrong with you? Flushing twice is not a foreign concept that is too hard to grasp. Why does she have to see parts of your mess floating in the toilet when you’re done? Your hand is too weak to flush twice but it’s strong enough to mallow eba as big as a fist.

Morning Breath

So you think life is like the movies eh? You just wake up, come close to her face and start talking without even yawning at least. My child, her nose is still functioning and trust me, your mouth is not an air freshner.




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