Getting Your Boss To Like You

A lot of workers complain about their bosses, how they are wicked, no-good, demanding and inconsiderate and how nothing pleases them. Well, with all that complain, you’re sure not going to get that approval or recommendation you need for that promotion. Being on the good side of your boss actually attracts fringe benefits that others don’t enjoy. You get information before others, recommendations, helpful tips, gifts, peace of mind,  etc. So how do you get that mean and inconsiderate boss to like you?

  1. Smile

A smile is the most useful and cheapest accessory. Often, when you smile at someone, you get a smile in return. Your boss may be full of frowns but maintain your smile. After all, you need them to like you, they don’t need to like you. Forget the frowns at home. Always smiling is a way of showing them that you have a good attitude even under pressure.


Your smile and a ‘good morning’ may just get you in their good books. It never hurts to show respect. This may be difficult especially if your boss doesn’t respond to greetings or they’re younger than you are. still, a greeting shows not just great attitude but respect.

  1. Be Helpful

Be willing to help always, especially in the things that are not included in your job description. Offer to carry his/her bag. Offer to go buy lunch and do this everyday. Don’t even wait till they call you. Observe their schedule and go remind them that you’re available to buy lunch. Be willing to stay after office hours just to help them finish an important or urgent project. It’s this little things that matters to them. They know you’re good at your job but what will make them value you and recommend you for fringe benefits and promotions is the extra that you’re willing to do.


  1. Be Thoughtful

Remember your boss’ birthday and buy him or her, a nice inexpensive gift. Even a text message will suffice. Think of things and days that are important to them, even beside work related issues. Remind them of their appointments if they’re running late or seem to have forgotten. Tell them congratulations on their anniversary or when they’ve won something or received an accolade. Praise the work they do. It’s not lip service if you genuinely notice that your boss is first of all a normal human being with families, goals and objectives like you. Understand that your boss is not just a monster sent to torment you from the pit of hell. This may be hard to believe but your boss is a normal average every day person who eats and sleeps like you.

  1. Avoid Gossip and Lip Service

Gossip always goes around. You can’t engage in gossip about the same person you want to favour you. It always comes back to you. Besides, if you keep complaining about a person, you’ll never be able to see any good in that person. Instead, focus on their good characters and try to put yourself in their shoes whenever you feel they are being harsh. They could be on your neck about a project because their own boss is on their neck. Maybe they had a bad morning or just heard negative news or information. In the end, getting your boss to like you means being selfless. You have to forget your ego and find reasons to like them even when none is forthcoming.

  1. Be Early and Competent

Be very competent in your job. Never leave mistakes and room for complaints. Be the best you can be at that job and your value will increase. They will begin to have confidence in you and this will make things easier. After all, who likes being shouted at? Do you enjoy doing one job over and over again till your boss is satisfied? Learn to be competent at your job and always be early. Make entirely sure that there is no room for complains about you.

  1. Apologise and Never Talk Back

When you’ve done something wrong, always be quick to apologise. Even when you’re not wrong but they are wrong, don’t go accusing and talking back. That’ll just escalate and put you in their bad side. If you try to explain and they’re still shouting, keep calm and wait for the storm to pass. Keep apologising. When the storm passes, then you go to explain calmly. They’ll appreciate it more.


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