Chronicle of the Witches

The cave was dark, full of cobwebs and bats. The only light came from the smoldering fire with a large pot placed atop. Black thick liquid bubbled to and fro inside the pot. Various screeches and screams came from the pot. Occasionally, spiders and cockroaches would flitter and skiiter all around the pot without getting scalded.

The three witches sat, old and tattered with their wrinkled skin that looked as ancient as dust, few old grey hair strands on their hair. Their sagging breasts were exceptionally long. They murmured and snickered, exchanging tales. This is their chronicle.



Once upon a time on a busy highway, a young man hurriedly stopped the bus he was travelling on to answer nature’s call. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him into the forest and quickly pulled down his trousers and began to relieve himself. As he stooped, he looked up and that’s when he saw the python. A black snake as long as his arm and as big as the tree branch it crawled on.

Too paralysed with fear, the young man stayed still, frightened and yet somehow fascinated. He watched the snake slither to the ground and slowly, the tail became two beautiful legs and the head became the face of a stunning girl dressed in tight jeans and a revealing top. His head began to swell and his body shook uncontrollably. Shock kept him quiet. The girl shook herself clear and moved away.

Unable to continue relieving himself, the young man used the leaves to clean his behind and rushed back to the waiting bus. Just in time, he arrived to see the girl standing on the highway. Soon enough, a car stopped and she smiled prettily and talked to the driver.

Just as she was about to enter the car, she turned and looked at the young man straight in the eye, a knowing smile on her face. A chill went down his body. At that moment, he knew it was no accident. Maybe he would meet her again.



Once upon a time, a certain young man had an itch he couldn’t scratch himself. He got to the streets and picked up a beautiful night worker. She would be a soft companion for the night. Skilled at her craft, the girl entertained him for hours on end. Tired, he lay back, wondering how he had survived for so long without her services.

“I’m hungry” She said to him.

“There’s food in the kitchen.” He replied.

She smiled and slithered out the room.

As he lay there, almost falling asleep, he felt a nudge to check on the girl. Too tired, he lay back down. It came again, a desire to check on the girl. Feeling disgruntled, the young man left the room to the kitchen.

The first thing he noticed was the cold. The kitchen was so cold he could see his breath in the air. The tiles were like ice on his feet.

Then he saw her, kneeling on the floor beside the gas cooker and facing the wall. She was talking to somebody in a soft voice, somebody he couldn’t see. He could feel a presence, something he couldn’t shake. Somebody else was in the room, something powerful, something frightening.

Immediately, she turned, smiled and stood up. That’s when he saw the knife in her hands.

Without thinking, he moved back and ran to the door. It closed just as he got to it. Heart racing, he pulled on the knob. The door refused to budge. Pulling with all his might, the door knob came off.

The girl was smiling and looking at him. Suddenly, something touched him at the neck, a cold hand that sent shivers down his spine. He started to turn, then realised he couldn’t move. His whole body stood there, useless and unable to move.

The girl started moving towards him, the knife raised. He tried to scream but his mouth refused to open. Just as she got to him, her hands raised and the knife ready to strike, she stopped suddenly and turned to the wall beside him.

“No!” She shouted. “He’s mine. He belongs to me.”

Her face became distorted with rage and the once beautiful face became bitter and wrinkled. He felt revulsed and nauseated.

Whoever she was talking to must have replied because she turned to him with so much hatred in her eyes.

“You’re very lucky.” She said simply and walked out of the kitchen.

Then he fell to the floor, weak and breathless. The night became silent. By the time he managed to his room, his phone was ringing. His mother.

“Bobby, how are you? Are you okay?” She sounded worried.

He told her everything that had happened.

“Do you know that as I was sleeping, your sister just came and said we should pray for you, that you were about to fall into a trap. We prayed and when I slept, I saw you on an altar, tied up and helpless. One woman was there with a knife. I began to fight her till I threw the knife away and chased her. That’s when I woke up and called you.”


Still don’t believe in witches? More real-life encounters coming.


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