When Love is Not Enough

Love is always not enough to keep a couple together. Some say if we have love, we can make it. But there’s a reason why divorce rates are on the rise. Most divorcees are still completely in love with each other. It’s the living together forever part that takes a toll on the relationship.

The teenagers who run away to be together often end up bitter and resentful. How can you not resent the person who made you give up everything? And now that you’re living with him, you discover that his morning breath stinks, he doesn’t flush twice, his snores are irritating, he is not a good father and does not keep to his word. But right before they ran away, they could have sworn that they loved each other so much that they would stay together forever.

Love is never enough to keep a relationship together.


Everybody has a distinct personality. Even if the world has tried to classify us into sanguine and melancholic and other kinds of personality, no psychology can ever truly predict a human personality. The sanguine can live with another sanguine and there would still be problems. He lives with the phlegmatic and still issues arise.


Distinctly, this is the most powerful. A person’s past is the most powerful guide to understanding their mysteries and unlocking their potential. Two people coming from two kinds of homes, who have experienced life differently and has learnt different lessons has to find a way to merge all these together into one. Maybe he grew up in a quiet and elegant home where nobody raised their voice at each other and she grew up in the slums where the first thing she learnt was how to fight and shout for her to get anything. How do they live together? Maybe she grew up in a home where her father always helped her mother do house chores and his father never ever raised a hand in the house. How can they live together?

If she has plans to send her kids to boarding school and he has sworn that no child of his will attend a boarding school, how will they agree?

Life has shaped two distinct individuals with their quirks and whims. The problem is merging with another person to form a complete whole.


If two people don’t share the same values and goals, then they are wrong for reach other no matter how much they claim to love each other. What will you talk about? How mature is your partner? Maybe you have learnt to let things go in order to bring up peace and your partner has not reached that level yet. He may still like to argue and say hurtful things when he should have been mature enough to let go. Every relationship must have misunderstandings but what is important is how these issues are solved. Is she mature enough to forgive and not keep records of past hurts? Is he mature enough to settle the issues without telling the neighbors, friends, families and everybody who cares to listen about their problems?

If your love is based on hot burning passion and intense feelings, your love is not real. But if you can look at your partner clearly, without any intense emotions, fully aware of ALL his or her faults and you still like him or her, then your love can have a chance.

Aside from love, experience and wisdom is useful. Advice is necessary and a selfless mind is absolutely essential. After all, can two work together except they agree?




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