Breaking Up Your Ex’s New Relationship

Mariam was with Jide for eight long years before she rudely broke it off when she caught him with another girl, hoping that he would call to apologise and things would go back to normal. He didn’t. He’s still with the new girl and she’s wondering what she did wrong. Now she wants vengeance. She wants his new relationship to die just as her heart died.

Are you like Mariam? You stayed with him or her for years and they dumped you without looking back, not even the courtesy of calling to beg. At least, everybody deserves that. They just showed you how valueless you are to them.

The good news is that God will fight for you while you hold your peace.


But if you really want to kill a new relationship, you’re going to need;

An idle and diabolic mind.

The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. So if you are busy with your career or school, you won’t have the time to carry out this plan.

The soft hearted mind can’t carry it out either. Your mind has to be diabolical for this plan to be executed.


Now, here’s how you go about it.

First of all, Introduction!

Before any new relationship is forged and becomes strong, there are tensions, misunderstandings and adjustments that have to be made for these two new persons to become the perfect couple.

This is the time for you to strike. While Jide is still trying to get used to his new chick, you get busy plotting your way. You need information about the new chick, how they play their love, her issues and baggage, etc.

The only person that can supply you with this information is Jide’s friend. Choose a friend carefully. Look for that his friend that always liked you just a little too much. The one that has a soft spot for you. Chat him up. Make him feel you’re so lonely and heartbroken. Get him to spill the juice on this new chick.

Chances are that Jide’s friends are still adjusting to the new chick. They are not yet loyal to her. Use this to your advantage.

Unlike Jide who’s looking at the new girl with love-struck eyes, the friends are looking at her with wide-open eyes. They’ll notice her bad qualities like if she’s ugly, her mouth is too long, she can’t dress, she cooks badly, she’s got bad breath, her nose is huge, her legs are tiny, etc.


Now that you have this information, put it to work.

If her legs are tiny, wear an eye-popping mini skirt showcasing your beautiful legs and walk past Jide like you don’t care.

If she can’t dress, show Jide that you’re still the Queen of Pop.

If she can’t cook, cook up Jide’s favorite dish, take a picture of the food and upload it on any medium you know he’ll have access to. Let his mouth water.

You can even invite his friend over for a delicious meal. Trust me. He’ll definitely take the news back to Jide.

Don’t be obvious in any of these. Take him unawares and make it look like an accident.


Bump into Jide regularly while looking your absolute best. Always have an arm candy by your side so you don’t look lonely and desperate.

Call out a soft greeting and act like you’re so over the break-up and you’re happy. Make your voice soft and dreamy and tell him you’re going out to visit somebody. Leave that green thought and sashay away even if you’re just going to Bose’s room.

He’s going to be thinking about you and who you went to visit dressed like that and sounding so dreamy. Then late at night, send a post about how you had an awesome day that left you very tired on any social media you know he’ll have access to. Upload a picture of you with smudged lipstick and a cute smile.


The next morning, send him a good morning message and leave it there. Let his memories do the work for you.

And when he finally calls to apologise and give his flimsy excuses, give him the boot.

Show him the door and close it.

If he did it before, he can do it again. Need I say anymore?


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  1. veinsinme says:

    hahahhahha I even imagined the whole thing !
    great post!

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