A Story of FlashBacks

Try to keep up.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

This thought ran like tom chasing jerry, round and round in her mind. Standing outside Peter’s house, she could still hear the laughing and music, the oohs and aahhs lovers make when together.

Oh it burned and pained.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

Where are those days when love was sweet and new, something to be admired, enjoyed, anticipated and intoxicating? Where are those days when love was brand new and vibrant?

All that was left was shatters and memories, broken-ness and rage. The good days. They are like fine wine, mellowed down with age, slushing down the throat like fine velvet.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

“Chidera, I can’t live without you. You’ve become a part of me…i can’t exist in this world if you’re not with me. If you leave me, i’ll die…”

He had brought out a knife and slashed his arm, his blood flowing down to the cement that gave way and opened her heart.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

The rain was pouring down, fast and hard. It rained cats and dogs that day and she was already in her pyjamas, ready to sleep in when her phone vibed. ‘i’m outside’ the text message read. Disbelieving that anybody could dare come out in such rain, she ventured to the common room. Sure enough, he was standing there, dripping wet and shaking with cold. Outside the lightning slashed and thunder roared, and there stood her Knight in Shining Armour, ready to face the thundering sky for her sake.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

Was it her fault? Was she in any way responsible? Had she been too demanding, too neglecting, too careless? What had she done wrong?


‘Where have the good days gone?’

The First Ugly Fight as she termed it in her head. Walking down to the hostel from class, she spotted Temi, her age long secondary school friend who offered to drop her at the hostel. Harmless as it was, it wasn’t worth the fight that ensued as he dragged Temi from the car and knocked him senseless.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

When his text messages greeted her every morning before she even opened her eyes. When life was a blur of cool dates in awesome places, romantic gifts and surprises. When he abandoned classes just to spend time with her. When he would kneel in front of the hostel just to apologise for a simple mistake.


‘Where have the good days gone?’

Sitting outside his room as he entertained another girl, she kept wondering, and wondering, and wondering. Really, where have the good days gone?


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