Should I Ask Him Out?

Should a woman be bold enough to walk up to a guy and ask him out?

You know how it is. She’s  been crushing on him for quite a while but he hardly seems to notice her. Maybe he does notice her but he’s too shy to come to her. So the two of them are pining in silence until one day, she decides to take the bull by the horn.

In our society, this is frowned upon. It is almost a taboo even in this day and age.  Even if it does happen, it’s rare, weird and strange. She risks outright rejection and even if the guy accepts, he would never respect her because he didn’t do the chasing. They say men are hunters and women, the prey. What happens if the prey becomes the hunter?

For some guys, it’s a turn-off. It takes the fun out of the game. It makes them feel like they didn’t work for their prey and they feel cheated. So even if they do eat, the meal loses  the sweet taste of victory.

For other guys, it’s not so strange. They might say yes, but only if they fancy the girl doing the asking. They might even say yes out of pity and who wants a relationship built on pity?


It’s a risk. A huge risk that should only be taken after careful considerations and calculations are met. Rejection is a distinct possibility. What lady can recover from such rejection?

Yes, a lady can ask a guy out and the world will not end. But only if she’s certain he fancies her but he’s too shy or the timing always seem wrong.

But the problem of honour and respect now arises. Who will pay when they go out on a date?

After all she asked him out, so she should pay. But he’s the guy. He’s supposed to pay for the date.

And even if she does pay for the date, who will ask for a next date? Who will do the calling? Who will send the sweet messages and say ‘I love you’ first.

Wouldn’t he always leave all the work in the relationship to the woman?

Some ladies may be adventurous enough to do the asking but they should be ready to answer all these questions.


For the guys, would you say yes to a girl if she asked you out?

If you saw your sister asking a guy out, what would you do?

And for the girls, would you ask a guy out?



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