Cheap Romantic Dates

Have a great Date without spending a dime


The boring and stale couples are the couples that have failed to try out new things together and have continued to do the same old things over and over again. No wonder the relationship has become boring and stale.

You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant, see a movie in a cinema, or go clubbing before you can have fun in a relationship. The best things in life are free, just like the best dates are the free ones. Seriously. You see, the simple things are usually the most effective. Here are some things you can do together to spark up the love in your relationship.


Take a Stroll Together

Leave the couch, leave the kids, leave the dirty clothes and plates, leave the television and just take a long stroll in the evening together. Just take a bath, wear comfortable house clothes and slippers and take a walk, a long unhurried walk with no destination. Don’t go out with the intention to buy Maggi, or salt, or soap. We all need to work, we all have responsibilities but sometimes, those responsibilities can choke the life right out of you. You need a space, a moment to breath, a chance to just be with the one you love and not do anything. Its not an obligation or a pressure, you don’t even have to talk at all. Just hold hands, smile at each other and walk. Why is this important? Because it gives you time to think about the person whose hand you’re holding, it gives you time to heal, to forgive and be forgiven. That stroll could make the problems become smaller, inconsequential and even jump start your relationship again.


Play Ball Together

Football, basketball, long jump or high jump, running, etc. Just play any kind of sport together, just you and your partner together or even with the kids on a free evening. Sunday evenings are ideal for this you know. Just before Monday comes and the stress begins, you take a chance to unwind with the family. You could go to a nice environment with grass and trees and just play together.


Play Ludo, Scrabble and Cards

Playing indoor games are vital for a relationship, especially for young couples. Sometimes when you two get back from work or when you two are just together, you don’t need to switch on the generator and the TV. Just take a candle light dinner and play ludo, scrabble, or card till it’s time to sleep. Technology is important but technology is not your life time partner. Pillow fight is another indoor game that is fun. Hit as hard as you can. Besides, we all know where this one leads to.


Hide n Seek and Police catch Thief

This game the man definitely played as a child. Instead of rushing off to one fast food, how about using some toy guns to have some real fun right inside the house. Loser gets to wash the plates afterwards.


Look at the stars Together

I know Nigerians don’t generally have time for this kind of silliness but how about being that lovey-dovey couple you normally see in movies? All you need is an evening and grass. You don’t need money. OK, maybe you buy suya and drinks afterwards but that’s it. Looking at the vast sky and the beautiful stars releases pent-up emotions and can restore and renew an old and bent out-of-shape relationship.

What other cheap romantic dates do you know of?



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