Overcoming Fear of the Dark

It started like a joke. You were always frightened in the dark and could hardly sleep if some kind of light was not kept on all night.

Now you’re old (older than me) and you still can’t sleep in a dark room, alone. You’ve turned into a womaniser or a man addict because people don’t understand when you say you can’t sleep alone. You laugh with them but in your heart, you know it’s not funny.

Anytime the day starts to fade, your heart beat starts to increase and by nightfall, your heart is beating like a possessed drum.

You know that the shadow standing beside the bed is just the door of the wardrobe but still, you can’t be convinced.

The voice that whispers your name in the dark is just an illusion but you’re certain dark forces are involved.

Are your imaginations real or are you just the kid who never grew up?

We can’t discount the presence of dark forces. They are very real.

But we also can’t discount your fear that makes a mole hill become a mountain.

What can you do?

  1. Never Watch Scary Movies Before you Sleep.

Avoid all kinds of horror films and/or documentaries in the night. Don’t go watching movies about snakes or dead girls or slimy lizards, especially home videos with witches covens and blood sucking vampires. Your dream most times, is always inspired by the last thing you saw before sleeping. Instead, watch comedies, romance and cartoons, anything that makes you think happy thoughts.


  1. Keep a Night Light by Your Side.

The night is scary because it is pitch black. Keeping a torch beside you can help to allay your fears. The darkness won’t be so scary when you have a weapon of light at your disposal. Don’t give yourself a heart attack by groping for your torch when the darkness is closing upon you. Keep a torch or a phone with a torch underneath your pillow or on the bed stand where your hand can easily get to it.


  1. Keep a Radio Beside You.

The night is not only pitch black but also quiet, so quiet that you can hear footsteps just outside your window. You can hear your ancestors calling out your name. You can hear the wind howling and rattling your windows, seeking for a way in to devour. The silence of the night can make you feel like a zombie apocalypse took place and you’re all alone in the world. To destroy the power of the silence, keep a radio tuned to an all night show beside your bed. The voice of the presenter or the music makes you know that you are not alone in the entire world. Someone somewhere is awake.


  1. Pray!

Nothing removes fear like praying to God who has power over the witches, wizards, demons and imaginations that terrorize at night. Never forget this part. It’s the most important.

Never forget that fear only exists in your mind. It is not real. Example; I remember one night in boarding school, I woke up and saw a figure kneeling  by my bed. That was the period when we were having ‘D MAN D MAN’ visitor, a guy or guys who sneak into the female hostel at night to steal and peep. So i saw this figure and I screamed as loud as my lungs could stretch. The whole dormitory became pandemonium. Girls screamed and ran everywhere, some ran over buckets and wooden lockers.  Of course, after the whole fracas, I found out that the ‘figure’ kneeling by my bed was actually my pillow that had fallen off my bunk but somehow, took on the frame of a man. I cooked up one crazy lie to tell people when they asked me why I screamed. Fear? Not Real.


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