MagaQuestions; Does She Like Me?

Every male at several, multiple un-ending points in time have been faced with this question. Does she like me? Should i continue playing this field? This is of course the time where she’s telling you to send her recharge card, give her money for her hair, for a wedding, for shopping, the list is endless.

This is the big question every potential maga asks right before they fall. So you met this new girl and you really like her but you don’t know if she likes you too even though she has already started asking for stuffs and of course you’re willing to give but still you’re wondering. I know, it’s a long sentence but that about sums it up. The typical known way of knowing if she likes you is when she says ‘Hmmmmm! So all those your girlfriends will come and beat me abi?”

Well, this works but there are other subtle ways that works too.

When a girl likes you, she flirts, she delays the conversation, she asks you questions just so you two can talk longer. So is she always rude and abrupt? Can’t wait to go home or get off the phone? Does she have time to ask for money and yet she always answers you in rude one syllables? Yeah, she pretty much doesn’t like you that way, maybe as a brother but not as a boyfriend.

When a girl likes you, she’s comfortable with holding your hands in public. I didn’t say kissing cos some girls don’t like public displays of affection. So you take her to a restaurant to buy her lunch and she absolutely refuses to hold your hands, she avoids touching you in any way and she walks behind you or in front of you all the time but never actually walks beside you. Yeah, she doesn’t want any fine boy around to think that she’s taken.

When a girl likes you, she makes a face or an issue over any new idiotic fine girl hovering around you like your female friends. Pity those guys who have female best friends cos those two must logger heads over who owns you. But if all the fine girls in this world talks to you or whatsapp with you and she doesn’t say a word or act funny, my friend she doesn’t care.

When a girl likes you, she asks if you have eaten and what you ate. I don’t know what it is with women and food but they always care about this stuff, hinting that if you had been around, they would have made you a better dinner instead of the crappy one you cooked yourself. It’s a show-off thing. I don’t know why. Now how about the girls that don’t like to cook (and trust me, they exist), they still ask and offer to let their maid cook for you. Lol. Not really.

When a girl likes you, her voice automatically becomes a bedroom voice whenever you call or you’re around. Observe her voice when she picks your call. Does she use a soft romantic tone or a harsh, rude and rushed tone of voice to answer you? By now, you should know whether you’re the maga or not.

When a girl likes you, she finds every excuse to touch you like putting her arm in the crook of your elbow when walking or allowing you to lead the way when you’re going somewhere together. She will be helpful to you like call to remind you about something or help you hold your bag when your arm is full or tell you when your tie is crooked.

When a girl likes you, she takes her time to look good for you. So if she comes out of her house in her old house clothes without even bothering to brush her hair or put on lip gloss, you know what to think by now.

When a girl likes you, she buys you gifts. Don’t guffaw and think i’m lying. It’s true. She just wants to take care of you and doesn’t mind spending her money on you except of course she’s the really selfish type. Then you’re in for it. Odikwegu!!!

When a girl likes you, she’s not afraid to tell you where she lives. If she doesn’t, maybe she doesn’t want a stalker or unwanted admirer who has access to her gate. Think about it.

When a girl likes you, she doesn’t cringe when you lean in to kiss her. Stop closing your eyes when you’re about to kiss her. Read her body language. Is she leaning towards you or away from you? Is she closing her eyes or staring at you like an ugly fish?

When a girl likes you, she is not perpetually busy and always telling you to call back. You don’t want to be a bug who is always going to be sent away to come back at another time.


Now this is not to say that this is true all the time. Some girls may not want to talk for long, or tell you where they live because they’ve got really really strict parents. That may be why she’s always telling you to call back. You don’t know if her mama is standing above her with a bottle of olive oil.

Some girls may sound rude and harsh on the phone because they are shy. Yes, the shy type always reacts with harshness, hiding the fact that they are shy. This could be why she doesn’t like holding your hands in public. So be patient. Hang in there.

Some girls may not ask you if you’ve eaten or what you ate because it’s a cliché. It’s overdone. It’s an obtuse conversation that’s been used a thousand and one times.

So while these signs may work, they are not always a hundred percent correct.


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