Splitting The Cheque: Should Ladies pay on a first date?

The Modern Man

He’s so enlightened, he supports feminism, he believes strongly that a woman is not just a house keeper, she should be in the office, career oriented if she wants to and nobody should harass her for that.

All this is good but where do we draw the line?

He takes you out on a date and just after you’ve swallowed the last bit of rice and chicken from your plate, he says you have to pay for half of the meal, after all, you’re a 21st century chick and you should know that the rules have changed.

Or maybe he informs you before hand that he doesn’t believe that a only a guy should pay for a date.

Some persons (modern women who don’t exist in Nigeria) would actually see nothing wrong with this but let’s get real. Nigerian women? Nah!!!!!

First of all, if a woman pays for half of a meal, then it can NEVER be considered a date. She just went to eat or watch a movie with some random (idiotic) guy and every time she thinks of him after that, it’s only with dark thoughts and rapid anger.

What may be considered as ‘modern’ in the west is only seen as ‘stingy’ in this part of the world.

If only the modern man could see what modern men in Nigeria are doing for their wives and girlfriends, they would go into epileptic shock. When Nigerian men (not all of them) are building houses for the girl’s family, the modern man is debating about the cost of a meal.

But to be rational, what if he really and truly can’t afford to pay for all of the meal?

Then he shouldn’t have taken her there. simple! Why take her to a place you can’t afford? That’s dishonest and leaves a very bad impression.

Some may argue that it can’t be wrong for a woman to pay for a date and i totally agree. Some girls will have no problem with splitting the cheque but only if the man has proven himself as a generous gentleman in the past. The high expectations and demands of women is the reason why we have terms like ‘gold digger’

Every man who has been played by a girl will have no problem with asking a girl to split the cheque. No man wants to spend their hard-earned money on a girl who despises them. These days, true love has a big question mark behind it.

The average girl has about five guys in her life and she loves none. What she does is to ‘collect’ money for recharge cards, money for weaves, clothes, transport, almighty school fees and house rent. The list is endless. It’s no wonder that every time a guy takes a girl out, he’s demanding for payment after, in fact, he feels entitled to it.

But how about the few decent women out there? In a bid to dissuade ‘runs’ girls, the man could just be chasing a good woman away. If you want to know whether she likes you, check out the article on ‘How to Know She Likes You’ will be uploaded soon.

Being stingy and splitting the cheque does not guarantee that she’s not with you for the money. Neither does splitting the cheque mean that he’s stingy.


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