The Double

“Who are you?” 
The other girl was tall, beautiful and light skinned. She wore a red halter neck top and skinny blue jeans. Her hair was perfectly styled and she had no blemish on her skin. She sat poised on the settee, a soft orange drink in her hands, sipping quietly as she read the Vogue magazine on her laps. She looked up in surprise at the question, her face hardened at the rude and abrupt tone. 
“I could ask you the same thing, who are you?” she frowned her lovely face, keeping her drink aside to face her unwelcome companion. 
The first girl laughed in derision, dropping her bright pink bag on the side table and taking a fighting stance. 
“Considering that I asked you first, let me show you manners. I am Victoria, Ade’s girlfriend. So, who are you, again?” 
The other girl raised her brow, “am Liz, Ade’s fiancee.” 
“Says who?” Victoria shouted. 
“Says Ade, the day he gave me this beautiful ring.” she shoved her left hand in Victoria’s face, to better show her the gleaming ring. 
She took a deep breath, waited a beat before turning back to Victoria who was frowning in confusion. “I don’t know what games Ade has been playing with you but am his fiancee, our wedding is in four months time. Before you get a broken heart, just leave.” Liz said calmly, a plea in her eyes. 
Victoria sat down heavily, like one confused. She looked up at Liz, saying in a small voice “Am carrying his child.” 
They sat together, each mind running in circles. 
The door creaked open and Ade walked in. Liz ran to him, holding his shirt and crying into his shoulders. 
“Why did you do this to me Ade,” she kept saying over and over. 
Victoria held back, looking at Ade strangely. 
“It’s not what you think Liz, I can explain.”
“Explain what?” Liz exploded. “Explain how you’ve been keeping another girl? All this time I’ve been away, I felt I had a faithful man, waiting for my return. I should have known…” 
“Listen to me Liz….” Ade interrupted.
“No I won’t, there’s nothing you can say, no excuse, no explanation. I shouldn’t even be surprised. You’re a typical man.” 
She grabbed her bag, making to leave. Ade held her arms and pulled her into his shoulders, she struggled weakly, quieting down into small sobs. Victoria still had not said a word, staring at him. 
He sat Liz down gently, then stood up and went inside. Victoria sat down, her face puzzled. It was Ade, yet it wasn’t him. Something about him was not right. As she sat contemplating this, he came back into the living room, clutching a picture frame. He went to Liz and showed her the picture. Victoria peeped from her seat. 
It was Ade, there were two of them, smiling and waving blue convocation caps into the air.
“That’s Adewole, my twin brother, and your boyfriend.” he said to Victoria. 

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