“I’ll be landing soon.” Richard said over the phone. I shivered, my body already tingling with anticipation.

“Okay sweetie” I replied. “See you soon. Think about me and all the naughty things i’ll do to you.” I giggled seductively and cut the call.

My body hummed with anticipation. I felt like I was going to explode. I quickly jumped up and rushed to the bathroom. I took my time in the shower, scrubbing away like I had fallen into a sewer. I even shaved my legs, admiring the long smooth feel of my shapely legs. Of all the assets in my body, I was most proud of my legs. These legs gained a lot of compliments. I grinned happily and expertly applied my make up. I opened my drawer and pulled out the sexy red lingerie I had bought just for Richard. He always said how he loved me in red. I had sent him a lot of nudes with me in red undies. I combed out my long tresses I had fixed the previous day.

I wore the black brief gown and my red six inch heels. I knew I had the power. The stares and whistles that accompanied my going out were enough compliments for me. At last, I was going to meet Richard face to face. This was a dream come true. I called my cab guy and waited for him anxiously. I had to get to the hotel room I had booked in advance before Richard arrived.

I called Trish, my roommate and best friend. She picked on the third ring. “Sup bae…” she said in a sexy voice. I grinned. She was still with Alhaji.

“Leave that accent for Alhaji oh. Don’t be forming for me. Na me and you dey this business…” I said gaily.

She laughed softly.

“So, is he still coming?” she asked me anxiously.

“Of course he is. He’ll be arriving in two hours. Am waiting for that my cab man….” I replied. I got up and went to get a cold drink from the refrigerator.

“Hmmmm….am almost jealous of you oh. To get such a good man on BBM. You’re so lucky sha.” Trish replied.


“I’ll see you tomorrow or whenever. I don’t know when i’ll be able to leave that room. We are going to make sweet sweet love tonight. Not all those old alhajis that don’t even know how to touch a woman.” I said.

Trish laughed. I knew she couldn’t speak much because of Alhaji so I cut the call and dialled Musa,my cab man again. He didn’t pick. I hissed in anger and called my second cab man. It was still ringing when I heard the horn outside. Musa had come. I pulled out my perfume and applied a generous amount before getting into the car.

“Madam the madam….e don tey oh. Atink say you don forget me sef.” Musa said.

“Musa shut up and drive. I don’t have time for senseless conversations.” I said in my best British accent.

Musa smiled the more and drove off to the hotel. I paid him handsomely, much more than was necessary. He bowed low, repeating ‘thank you madam’ like a mantra. I smiled condescending and entered the hotel lobby. Mr Yetunde had been kind the previous week, giving me much more than he usually gave after a night together. I paid for the room and climbed upstairs. I removed my gown and lay on the bed, watching the tele to pass the time. I had almost fallen asleep when my phone vibed. Richard. I purred and cleared my throat, assuming a sexy pose even though nobody was around.

“Hi sweetie……have you arrived?” I said in a throaty voice, the one I usually used when we whispered naughty things to each other when we talked at night.

“Am almost at the hotel. Did you wear the red lingerie I asked?” Richard asked.

“Maybe I did, maybe am not wearing anything at all.” I replied.

He breathed heavily and cut the call. I laughed and stood up, arranging my hair and putting on more perfume. Twenty minutes later, there was a knock.

“Come in” I called out breathlessly. Then Richard was in the room.


He stood tall, dark skinned and handsome as ever, dressed in expertly cut blazer and a sky blue shirt that looked expensive. His pictures did him no justice. He didn’t say a word. He simply jumped to the bed and ravished me over and over all through the night. In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up and moved closer to him. He held me tightly, the way i always imagined he would.

I stood up and took a bath. Then I began dressing. He stirred and turned to me.

“Good morning baby…” I called out happily.

He smiled at me, then frowned.

“Where are you going?” he asked harshly.

I smiled, happy that he was so possessive. “I have to go see my mother this morning. She asked for some money.” I called out, bending towards the mirror to apply mascara.

He stood up, walked towards me and knelt down beside me, holding me by the side tightly, a bit painfully. Then he grabbed my hair violently and pulled my neck back. I grunted in pain but his hand at my side held me tightly so I couldn’t move.


“What are you doing Richie?” I called out, barely able to speak with my neck bent so far backward.

“You little whore…” He spat out viciously. “You think am an idiot? Who is the stupid man you’re going to see? Huh? Tell me…” He shouted in my ears.

“Sweetie, it’s not what you think. Am actually going to see my mother…i promised her that I would….” I tried saying through my hurting throat, my hair still wrapped in his hands, imagining how he could possibly know I was going to see Chief Adolphus today.

“Just shut up, I know what you’re doing. Tell me the truth…”

I held his hand on my hair, trying to ease the pain pounding through my head. He pushed my hand away and jerked me up roughly. Then he pulled my left hand backwards, twisting painfully. I shouted in pain. He released my hair and immediately closed my mouth with that hand.

“What are you doing Richie? It’s me, it’s Briella, the one you love…” I said in fright.

“Love? You think I love you? How can I love a woman like you? I know, Briella, I know about all the men you service for money….” He laughed bitterly. I looked at him through the mirror. All I saw was a face contorted in anger and…pleasure. He was enjoying this. Then he slammed my head into the mirror. I felt a sharp blinding pain as my head shattered the mirror. He released me and I crumpled to the floor. I could feel little bits of the mirror stuck in my forehead. I don’t know how long I lay there. I woke to the sound of the shower running. I could hardly move. I opened my right eye, I couldn’t open the left, and looked at the mirror stand. My phone lay next to my make up bag. I lifted my hand and tried to reach it. It was too far. I had to get closer. I shifted slightly, the glass on the floor stabbing me painfully as I moved. I tried to ignore the pain and continued creeping forward. If I could reach my phone, I could call Trish.

I got closer to the dressing table and grabbed my phone. Then I dialled Trish, hardly seeing through the blood running down my eye. I could see my left eye swollen shut in the mirror left on the dresser. I began crying, the salty tears stinging my eyes as they fell. Then Trish picked. “Bri babe, how are you en……” the phone flew out of my hands and slammed into the wall, falling in pieces to the floor.

Richard stood above me, wearing a white towel on his waist.

“So you’re a smart girl eh? You want to play smart with me.” He picked me up by the hair and punched me in the mouth. My head fell back and hit the tile floor heavily. I winced, feeling the blood spurt out of my mouth. I spat it out. I could feel my teeth shaking. The blow had loosened them. I curled myself on the floor, little shards of glass biting into my skin. My mouth began to throb. I didn’t have to look to know they were swollen.

I could see him smiling through the haze of blood on my right eye. He looked excited. Then he began to kick me with his foot, kicking my back, my head, my legs in an excited frenzy. That didn’t seem to satisfy him. He brought his foot slamming down on my stomach. I yelped in pain hardly able to scream through my throbbing mouth. I could feel the blood on the floor spreading quickly, seeping into my shirt and trouser I had worn that morning so happily. The tears began to drop, stinging my eyes as they fell.

Richard started dressing calmly. I couldn’t move anymore. He wore his shoes last, then looked at me thoughtfully. He went to his bag and brought out a tiny white case. When he opened it, then I saw what it was. Razor blades. A new fear entered me. It sat down heavy and cold on my chest, making it impossible for me to breath. I began grunting in fear. He oh so calmly brought out a muffler and tied it round my mouth. Then he dragged me through the floor, ignoring my muffled screams as the glass and blood bit into me. He threw me to the bed side, stepped over the trail of blood my body had left and went into the bathroom. I couldn’t see what he was doing in there. Then he came back in and knelt beside me. “You’ve betrayed me Briella. I thought I could trust you but you’re just like all the others. I never thought I would have to do this to you too. You seemed so different. But you’re just like the other whores. So am going to teach you a lesson, am going to leave my mark on you so you’ll never ever cheat on a man again. I’ll cut off your nipple and take it with me as a souvenir”

My eyes widened and hot tears filled my eyes. I began twisting on the floor, thumping my body against the bed to alert anyone passing by. “No one is going to rescue you. No need for all those antics Briella. You’re mine now. All mine.” He smiled ferociously, then began pulling my shirt from my body. He unhooked my bra and my breasts spilled out. He put the razor to my cheek and cut slowly. “That’s just a little of the pain you’re about to experience.”

Then he held my nipple and raised the blade. I watched in horror as his hand came down slowly.


Then the door burst open. Trish and Musa stood in the doorway.


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